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10 Tables:

Table Children Parents Rows Comments
dmoz_aliases 5.282 List of Aliases for ODP Categories
dmoz_altlangs 4.157 List of categories in other languages for ODP categories
dmoz_categories 8.380 List of ODP categories
dmoz_editors 459 Lisf of editors for ODP categories
dmoz_externalpages 124.572 List of external pages for ODP categories.
dmoz_letterbars 712 List of related letterbars for ODP categories
dmoz_narrows 7.667 List of related narrows for ODP categories
dmoz_newsgroups 2.888 List of related newsgroups for ODP categories
dmoz_related 9.681 List of related categories for ODP categories.
dmoz_symbolics 8.564 List of related symbolics for ODP categories

Total rows: 172.362